Roots of the Sky
This web site has been built and maintained by Brian Seales and Chris O'Byrne

Roots of the Sky is the companion web site to and arose from the need for us to have another web site which documents the travels and photos from both our solar eclipse chasing escapades and solo travelling events.

Ecliptomaniacs has served two important functions since it's inception in 2003. Firstly, it has brought together a diverse group of snap happy people who share the common interests of eclipse chasing, travel and photography.

Secondly it has attracted another group of people from around the world, namely those on the Internet who want to find more information about particular subjects and have been drawn to the Ecliptomaniacs web site by the photos through the search engines. Over the last few years we have had queries and comments from as far afield as USA, Canada, Bulgaria, South Africa, Madagascar, Sweden, Holland etc. requesting more information on particular photos and whether they could use them for different projects of their own. One of the photos has even been used by the Discovery Channel. As we have thousands of photos between us all and they are sitting around doing nothing we decided to share them from now on for educational purposes, along with some of the stories behind them. Roots will be different than Ecliptomaniacs in that it will document all our travels and not just those which are astronomy related. So you can expect to see many more photos of flora, fauna, people, landscapes etc. along with more information about their subjects. We are even going to touch on the music of Madagascar for example. We will also list, where possible, the sources of our information, such as other web sites, books etc. to enable people to take our initial investigations a step further. The same rules from Ecliptomaniacs regarding the use of our photos applies. Please ask us first before you use them.  High resolution copies of all the photos used on this site are available for purchase for commercial use. You may use the "contact us" section for enquiries and we will get back in touch with all the relevant information regarding their purchase.

I have to explain where the name “Roots of the Sky” came from. When we travelled to Madagascar the first time in 2001 for the solar eclipse we all fell in love with the country and it's people and have returned in 2004 and 2007. The giant Baobab trees hold a particular interest for me and one of the stories about their origin appealed to me and goes as follows.

When God created the world, he gave the Malagasy people some of the most beautiful trees on Earth, one of them being The Baobab. The devil was so jealous that he turned all the Baobabs upside down so he could enjoy the view from hell. From that day on the Baobabs grew with their roots in the sky.

Hence the name of the web site!

So sit back and enjoy, beginning with an old favourite of ours, Madagascar.

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